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Mets Music

Well, this afternoon’s game just ended disappointingly, 8-4 loss to the Astros. As positive as this year continues to be, the Mets so far lack the swaggering domination that we had in ’86, even though the numbers on paper and the good vibes hat seem to be in the clubhouse suggest world-beating should be in order. The Mets have not swept a series at home (indeed both Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado have poor numbers at Shea), and with the 3-0 first inning lead Pelfrey was staked with today, this should have finally been the first appearance of the broom.

Maybe the problem in Shea’s music! I know if I was a player the collection of latin rhythms and pop songs that accompany Met at-bats would do nothing to motivate me. For my money, and obviously any music fan has his biases, Shea has got to rock again, like it did when Led Zeppelin played there (opening for Grand Funk Railroad!) in the 70s. Look, I have here a CD called Mets: Greatest Hits vol 1. Songs and Sounds that Shake Shea. Released after the 2000 national leage championship season, it’s 20 tracks contain 10 radio or tv calls, and 10 songs… rock n’ roll songs. The selections include the Stray Cats, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Pat Benatar. Not bad! In truth, one song, by Audio Adrenalin is a bit dancey, but I cut it slack since its a cover of the classic rocker "free ride" by Foghat (wait, did foghat do free ride or slow ride… ok, I’m getting off the point here). Over the years I’ve heard such rockers as "hells bells" by AC/DC, "blitzkrieg bop" by the Ramones, and "one" by Metallica at Shea (the last an odd choice as its a dark and melancholy song, but somebody in charge at least was on the right track). So what happened?

The music should intimidate the opposition. If it makes you wanna dance, or in the case of Cliff Floyd’s "theme from Sanford and Son", laugh,hats not exactly the desired effect. I appreciate the joke at Cliff’s expense, and Sanford was a great show, but too much feel good and not enough killer instinct is being conveyed through the speakers. David Wright’s "Brass Monkey" in another odd choice. The Beastie Boys were kinda cool but a quirky novelty song about drinking? How about "Rhyming and stealing", "barrel of a gun", "fight for your right" or "sabotage"? If I were a hitter I would choose something classic but menacing like the opening riff of "smoke on the water" by Deep Purple, or "iron man" by Black Sabbath. I think that might rattle the pitcher if you have the ability to back up those songs promise with your bat. I realize that you have to play different things to appeal to 50,000 diverse fans but for my money the song selection is weak. Apart from Billy Wagner’s "enter sandman", one of the few appropriate choices lately was B.O.C.’s "don’t fear the reaper" accompanying an Aaron Heilman appearance in today’s game.