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Good to see Keith Hernandez had a presence in the Hall- he deseves it. This was by the Gold Glove display, comemerating Mex’s record 11 awards for first base. I don’t know why certain photos uploaded 90 degrees off…



“All the kids say ‘Metsie’, ‘Metsie’… not ‘momma’, not ‘poppa’, but ‘Metsie’, ‘Metsie’…”

Well, Luke does say momma and dada, but not ‘Metsie’. He should probably work on that.


How about that Pedro? Gave us a real scare in the first, but by the 6th inning it felt very good to be a Mets fan. What a competitor, and its great to have him back. For the several people that have found my site, I won’t be around for about 10 days. Me, the wife and kid are going camping in the catskills. When I’m listening to the games by radio each night it will both remind me of my childhood summer vacations, and make me feel at one with all the fans of baseball past, before the advent of tv… and maybe to further that vibe, we’ll take a side trip to Cooperstown. Havn’t been since Kid Carter was enshrined. Summertime, 12 1/2 game lead, a relaxing week plus in the mountains, and Pedro’s back. Life is good!