About letsgometsgo

Keith’s the name. I was a hard core Mets fan
as a kid in the 80’s. My interest tapered off in the 90’s as:
1) My favorite players were gone, replaced my malcontented,
overpaid underachievers. 2) Steroids aside, the continuity of
baseball history was greatly disturbed by disproportionate,
out of control offensive numbers throughout baseball. 3) My
lifestyle as a young adult left less time for a watching a
sport and team that I was otherwise disillusuined with. But
now I’m back… email: scienceforlife@aol.com


Rock Music (Ramones, Misfits, Sabbath,
Social Distortion, CCR, Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Joan Jett, much
more) The Mets and Baseball history (Keith Hernandez belongs
in the Hall of fame) Religion (I’m Christian) Science (I’m a
science teacher) My Family (My wife is Marissa, my son is
Luke- will be 1 year old on 9/2/06) Kevin Smith films, the
Honeymooners, the Simpsons, Twilight Zone, Monty Python,
Seinfeld, the Munsters, old horror and sci