No trades pease!

Don’t get me wrong, Omar Minaya has done a great job. But he was quoted in today’s NY Post as saying he was "50/50" on pulling off a trade before the month is up for a pitcher. This has really become my pet peeve… first of all, it is usually written that the Mets need "back of the rotation help". This implys that there is more than one spot in the rotation that is unstable. Really? Which spot? Pedro says he feels fine and Willie backs him up, Glavine is Glavine. Trachsel may be unglamorous but by hook or crook the Mets win three quarters of his starts. We are 6-4 in El Duque’s starts, including yesterday’s impressive performance, and his post season record speaks for itself: the first pitcher to win his first 8 postseason starts, pitching out of an inherited bases loaded jam last year (it is particularly absurd to me that one name that comes up in rumors  is Livan Hernandez… we’re gonna give up a prospect for the somewhat lesser half brother when we already have El Duque? To my mind, Livan wouldn’t even crack the playoff rotation if we had him). So, what "back-end" problems? These are 4 veteran pitchers we can go to war with. Now the FIFTH spot, that is a GOOD "problem". The fifth starter doesn’t get an October start. It isn’t important to have a regular guy until then, given the 13 game lead. What’s the deal? Who has a problem letting Maine and Pelfrey battle it out? And given each guys last start, what a cool battle it is to watch! Have we forgotten Bannister, Zambrano, and Soler (miserable as his last start was, and inconsistent before that, Aley pitched a 2 hit complete game shutout this year… this is not someone to throw overboard if he can get his head straightened out)? I don’t want to see Milledge, or really anyboby go, for an unnecessary import. Either you get a fifth starter who doesn’t start a playoff game anyway, or if by some unforeseeable trade you land a 3 or 4 quality starter than you bump a guy who has earned a playoff start by dirnt of his consistent season (Trachsel) or career track record (El Duque) while weakening the farm and future. And before I sign off I want to go on record saying I’m quite happy with the eight regulars we have too. I’ve heard rumors about upgrading Valentin or Nady’s positions. These are easily the best 7 and 8 hitters in the NL (8 and 9 in a World Series game in an AL park) with an approximate composite average between them of .275 and 13 homers with almost 70 games to go. We’ve got the troops. They’ve done it all year and to my eyes are picking up steam now after the break. NO TRADES PLEASE!

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